Plus Sizing

As a queer human in the world I feel like I have my eyes pretty wide open to companies vying to be inclusive for the sake of inclusivity. I see you, banks and corporations, thinking you can rainbow up your branches and your ads for pride month and we'll think you’re our ally. We'll forget about companies like Coors, their ultraconservatism, their history of discriminating against gays and unions, and cheer on their float in the pride parade.

Companies donning rainbow flags and strutting around our safe spaces with the bravado and garish dress sense of peacocks, I see you, and you've left a bad taste in my mouth.

Due to this, I like to think long and hard if I'm gearing up to enter a space that isn't necessarily for me. I thought long and hard about adding plus size garments to my label. I'm not a plus size human, so was this going to be a case of "get in your lane, skinny bitch"? Or was I capable of doing the research and the work to make garments I'm really proud of, that truly are for everybody, not just everybody up to a size 18 (or if you're any mall retailer, a 12!)?

Sidebar, I hate conventional fashion sizing, it's inconsistent from store to store, label to label, designer to designer. It's very much NOT gender inclusive, I mean, what the hell is a "women's 10"? Enough. No. I rejected the limitations of those sizing models as soon as I started making clothes. 

I spoke to my wife (and everyone's favorite journeyman) about designing fresh patterns that would fit plus sized bodies. Together (and armed with my good friend, non-binary fatbabe activist, Rosie’s measurements), we graded up our existing pattern to add the same percentage of ease to our new average plus size fit model measurements as we had allowed in our fit test size in our original size. We recalculated our yardage needs per garment, lay, cut and sewed up our first foray into truly inclusive sizing.

We wanted to make sure that our signature oversized fit was consistent in our expanded size range, so after making a few prototypes, I sent them off to local plus size celebrity Boz for a little fit testing, quarantine style. (Aka contactless drop off, and online photos and feedback.) I'm so chuffed to have gotten the fit right on the first try and to be able to release the rest of the line.

I hope you guys will agree that this wasn't a case of "skinny bitch get in your lane" and that I can stand by my brand in saying we truly are inclusive. However, even though I'm proud of how my first run at plus sizing came out, I always want everyone to feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns or constructive criticisms that will help hold me to the high standard I'm aiming for.

You can see my plus size collection here.

Plus Size

Plus Size